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It is time for change!

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Your privacy

Your privacy is important to us, because our privacy is important to ourselves as well.
And because you decide what you share, post and like, we like to keep it that way. Your data will only be stored within our company.

The Private Platform is based in the Europe Union, therefore we will fully observe the GDPR rules on all our users. Even the non-EU citizens.

What is GDPR?

In short you have the right to
  • Know how your personal data is being processed.
  • Know what personal data about you is stored.
  • Ask to correct incorrect information about you.
  • Request to erase all your personal data.
  • Object to the processing of your personal data for marketing purposes.
  • Request restriction of processing your personal data in specific cases.
  • Receive a respond within one month on your request to us about any GDPR related matter.
Read more about your rights and our rules over here.

Big companies have power over us.

Our idea

The idea is simple: With privacy in our mind, you are able to share events, post ideas and like pictures, as you normally would do on any other social media platform.

We do this in an Open-Source way, which means all the nerdy code is publically insightful. Anyone can check what our platform is up to at any time.

We will never use any third party trackers or advertisements. Never.

- Everything stays within the company.
- Everything stays yours.
- You will always be in control.
- We will never sell, give or intentionally leak any information to others.

We have become dependent.
They can do whatever they want.

Our profit

Let’s be honest: a healthy company needs to make profit to grow and innovate and there is nothing wrong with that. But our business model is built with privacy as our most important value. To support our work, we will only serve advertisements which are be created by using our own Advertisement Platform. In-house advertisements. Nothing gets in or out.
Other companies will be able to only use this tool to design advertisements. You will only see safe, trackerless, home-made advertisements. All of your data will only be circling around within The Privacy Platform.

There is nothing wrong with personalized advertisements. There is something wrong with selling and leaking this personal information to third parties.
If you do think there is something wrong with personalized, in-house ads, you should tell us below while joining by checking the 'I want a paid option' checkbox. We could always consider a paid option as a subscription so you would not be able to be tracked, nor used for any kind of advertising.

We want to be transparent by being Open-Source and we think we can make enough profit with this easy business model to be self-sufficient.
Besides, we do not need 62 billion dollars on our bankaccount, nor do we need to become a 400 billion dollar company.

Change is difficult.
We need everyone at once.

Looking forward?

Do you also think it is time for change? Join us by filling in your email address below!

We promise to only use your email address for updates regarding this platform and to keep track of the amount of interest in this new idea.
At this moment this data will be stored in a private Google Firebase database. When this platform goes online, we will use our own servers and databases.

We have the vision.

We have the resources.

Now we only need you.

Key features

  • The platform will COMPLETELY be Open-Source.

  • Your data will be stored on OUR secured servers.

  • Your data will NEVER leave these servers WITHOUT your permission.

  • FULLY based in the European Union.

  • FULLY observing the GDPR rules.

  • Post, share and like what YOU want: it is YOUR data, not ours.

  • You will NEVER be tracked by third parties.

  • All advertisements you see are safely built in-house.

  • Possibility to request a paid subscription to disable ads.

Register yourself over here.
We will keep you updated.

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